Temple Canyon

by Temple Canyon

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released October 21, 2016

Al Reiter - drums, percussion, vocals and guitar on “Cheers”
Jason Shao - bass, keys, vocals
Steve Miller - guitar, vocals and organ on “Cheers”
Mariko Ruhle - vocals, guitar

All songs written by Mariko Ruhle, except “Shadow” written by Al Reiter, and “Silenced II” written by Steve Miller
All songs copyright 2016 Temple Canyon

Produced by Richard Hoag
Mastered by Matt Stegner
Engineered and mixed by Richard Hoag
Recorded at MRX Studio in Seattle, WA



all rights reserved


Temple Canyon Seattle, Washington

TEMPLE CANYON is nostalgic Seattle rock, with wild confessions of love and loneliness, lullabies of a dark and gritty reality, sunshiny pick me-ups, and prairie songs. Somewhere between a Quentin Tarantino and a Cameron Crowe soundtrack. "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Serious songs, with a sense of humor before and after. ... more


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Track Name: Our Return
in clouds of smoke I try to see through to you
I trip on vines of lines that tangle and twist my words
the fork it halts us both
true and false, in cursive we write, on paper clothes
new sounds, old wounds, changing lines, new runes
when is our return to the sky?
why can't we ask why?
love is mysterious and trying
green eyes light a parting
open your brazen body
we are all wild and running
i stand still and wait, my body is not a fire burning
i will rain and rain
my sun comes brightly
in the days to come you may see a shooting star shining
Track Name: Golden State
maybe it's a rational thought to tread lightly?
caution's caught, one spark lit up that national park
we drove away in the smoke, into darkness
and they were crying
lingering memories, I can hear them
darkness fades from me, light emanates
I live not far away from there
in the west I'll stay, where the golden light emanates
maybe it's a rational spark that lit up that national park?
golden light
golden state
Track Name: She Said
it may have been for you, it feels like it's mine right now
just like she saw you, we all heard you
my mother read those words out loud
I see your stare and I know what I have to do
not for me and not for her
what is it you don't understand?
you don't understand
like they all said: 'it's a woman's world in here"
I can tell you all about it
we make poems to help you understand yourself
Oh, she said: "I will sing for you"
Track Name: Sister
when the moon is high
I call you my sister
we rise up
call me crazy, is this ending or beginning?
do we write our own ending?
I know you are wild and I know you're a fools game
your heart is untamed
I try to leave my heart out of this
I know "we are forever leaving"
Rilke's Elegies tell me
oh, the angels tell me
I let go again and hang on to essence
hang on to your E vowels, your wings,
your smile, your stars, your spark, your voice,
singing with mine, all of the time
Track Name: Silenced I
waiting, waiting, waiting
wandering down the road
what silenced my heart beat?
when and how will I know?
middle of the road in my mind
middle of the road in my life
I could run to L.A., try my luck
burn out while waiting on a star
70 miles away, it’s all the same
I believe it’s true, it’s up to you
wandered down the road, everyone before
ending begins with change
Track Name: Silenced II
should we write an ending?
something unbefitting?
do you want an ending?
of a story’s copyright that is locked and pending
Track Name: Cheers
everything's mistakes and the stakes are so high
like an eagle flying by
and perfection is known by no one at all
and I'll raise my glass
to the ones in the back(band)
and share my soul on stages so grand
and look to you as I take a bow
Track Name: The Enemy
"so, this is where the enemy sleeps"
she said, that you were "too sweet for rock and roll"
I know it’s hard to believe, but this is only the beginning
there’s something in your minds eye
but you don’t know what it is
you're just another kid making your way through rock and roll…
walk the line with your heart entwined
mystery and a record time
you're just another kid lost,
making your way through rock and roll
just one look was all it took
an invitation like never before
you fell in love, there and then
and it was over before it started
La La La, that’s rock and roll
so this is where the enemy sleeps
he thought that I was too sweet for rock and roll
I know it’s hard to believe in yourself
but this is only the beginning
we’re all just tiny dancers on the sand
Track Name: California
in a sunset here alone, by my window
just like many before and long ago
I looked out at 13 and I was still just screaming
at 17 I was already scheming
ten years later, I'm a little greater
but I'm still just the same little girl
clouds fly by, as I stare out the window knowing
and if it's a dream, you know I wanna dream on
and if it's a dream, you know I wanna dream
glamour never came natural
land of sun and skin of gold
California calls me home
I'll dive right in to oceans of you
glamour awaits, you know I loved it all the same
believing is half the battle, I’m trying to find my faith
Track Name: Timely Love
this is far from over
let’s enjoy what we’ve made
love is like a letter
each word was far from grave
making love feels better
you’re no one’s but your own
however, you let me hold you like a home
you're one, I’m two
now with courtly time our love can grow and
one and one can become prime
Track Name: Shadow
linger on my wall, linger in my suitcase
I'll take you on a trip, on a journey to a new place
not far behind but always in front of me
I'm surprised at myself, how I can change so suddenly
shadow, I'm just the shadow of a man that stands in front of you
shadow, I would tell you that I love you,
but I'm afraid of what my shadow might do
there's no face to this darkness, that creeps along the halls
getting banged around for points like a pinball
the man you see, he's just a suspicious mind,
but the scars on his face are also yours and mine
and if you stand close you can see these lights ain't real
it's just a facade, part of "the American deal"
read my lips, your words are killing me
and even if you silence me now my words are still history
Track Name: Rain
I don't want to be myself today
oh, anyone else would do
If you could find someone to take my place
and I'll just wander on through
some people call me Bunny
my mother calls me Rose
if I was to give myself a name
oh no, it wouldn't be anyone of those
I would call myself Rain
Rain, Rain, Rain
Rain, Rain, Rain
summer's storming, oh it's a shame,
but I can't help but like the rain
your blue skies would be wasted on
my blue heart today
in my darkest days, I don't mind
no, not while the sun still shines
this Sound is nothing like my old waves,
but if you want water
we have rain